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LAUNCH Workshop

From Clicks to Clients:
Unleashing the Power of Your
Interior Design Website

August 2nd
1 PM – 3 PM EST
via zoom

Racheal Graham GreenHouse Creative

Hello! I'm Racheal!

I’m the founder of GreenHouse Creative, and I’m so grateful you’ve stumbled into my little corner of the internet.

I get a silly sense of satisfaction from creating beautiful designs that make my clients feel proud, empowered, and unstoppable. I love tending to your needs and spoiling you rotten with first-class service and lots of business encouragement along the way.

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Is your website helping your business grow?

I know what it’s like to wonder if you’ve outgrown your current website and worry that it’s holding you back.

Download my free guide – 10 Website Must-Haves for your Interior Design Business to get the 10 most important features you need on your website to stand out from the crowd and book those high-end projects!

10 Website Must-Haves for your Interior Design Business
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