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Racheal Graham Web Designer GreenHouse Creative 1

I'm Racheal Graham - the website designer for your interior design business.

Racheal Graham Web Designer GreenHouse Creative 1

I'm Racheal Graham -the Website Designer for your Interior Design Business

Does any of this sound like you?

You're ready to breathe new life into your business!

What will life be like when you have a website that commands high-end design fees?

➤  Your dream clients are coming to YOU.

➤  You’re charging sustainable prices that allow you to scale your business.

➤  You’ve increased your revenue without increasing your hours.

➤  You’ve discovered ultimate freedom and flexibility in your time.

➤  You’re getting closer and closer to the 7-figure business of your dreams.

➤  You’re making a tangible difference in the quality of your clients’ lives.

➤  You’re living a life you don’t need a vacation from!

GreenHouse Creative Interior Designer Website
Racheal Graham Web Designer GreenHouse Creative 2

Every moment you wait is costing you.

➤  You’re wasting money on ineffective marketing and advertising.

➤  You’re not focused on the work that will actually grow your business.

➤  You’re missing out on clients with no clear call to action and a streamlined process to work with you.

➤  You’re losing time on tedious tasks that your systems could be doing for you.

Let’s get you growing!

It really is possible to...

Here's how we can work together.

Web Design for Interior Designers by GreenHouse Creative

Perfect for you if you’re on a steady path of growth. You’re ready to fully invest in yourself and your business. You know where you’re headed and don’t want to waste any time in getting there.

Web Design for Interior Designers by GreenHouse Creative

Perfect for you if you can see the next level on the horizon. You’re ready to invest in your own growth and want the support of someone you can trust.

Perfect for you if you are becoming grounded in your business. You’re ready to do the work and just need a little guidance to get started.


I loved this experience! From the simple tasks lists to the business coaching. It was exactly what I needed! Probably the most impactful part was Racheal helped me cover the things that I didn’t know that I needed.
Amber Alverson
Amber Alverson
It feels great to know our needs have been taken care of, and we can focus on what is really important in our world. We feel at peace knowing our website and social media were done the right way. In addition, we feel proud that our clients, and prospective clients, are visiting a website that is awesome.
Austin Coley
Austin Coley
We have something we are proud of...our digital "handshake" truly sets the tone for the process of how we do business. It is a well designed resource that received great feedback and is a real foundational symbol for our brand.
Andrew Denny Textures Flooring Nashville 1
Andrew Denny

Here's how it works.

Schedule a no-pressure Consultation

Select a date and complete the questionnaire. We'll meet on a video call to talk about your business goals and determine if we're a good fit to work together.

Review your proposal & reserve your engagement on my schedule

I’ll send a proposal with engagement options based on your specific goals. Select the option that’s right for you, sign the contract, and pay your deposit to secure your start date.

get a gorgeous, hard-working website so you can focus on the work you love

We'll work together over the following 4-12 weeks to create a strategic brand and website that has you looking your best and attracting the clients who are willing to pay a premium for your designs.

Hello! I'm Racheal!

I’m obsessed with creating websites that help interior designers book high-end projects at premium prices.

I’m all about giving you a superior experience and creating first-class designs. I specialize in delivering what you need even when you’re not sure what to ask for

If you have high standards and want to feel confident in knowing someone you trust has taken care of all the details, I’d love to know more about you and your project.

Racheal Graham Web Designer GreenHouse Creative 5

Questions my clients ask before hiring me.

I've carefully crafted three signature services that offer varying levels of support to meet a variety of budgets. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, let me know and we can customize an Engagement just for you.

A third of your investment is due to secure your Engagement Start Date on my schedule. Another third is due on your Start Date. The final payment is due to launch your site.

Your investment covers your design and development services. There are several costs associated with a new website that you’ll pay directly to your provider of choice.

Hosting: If you don’t already have a hosting plan, I recommend Bluehost* for shared hosting (a great option for smaller sites or sites with lower traffic) or WPEngine* (bigger investment but a good robust option for bigger sites with more traffic who need faster loading speed).

Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions: You’re legally required to ensure that your website complies with international privacy laws. I’m not a very good lawyer, so I’m not much help with this other than the part where I copy and paste the legalese into the right place on the website. You may work with your attorney to draft this language for you, use a free online generator (just Google “Privacy Policy generator for websites” or “Terms and Conditions generator for websites”), or you can purchase a template written by a lawyer. I like The Contract Shop* for templates.

Additional software: If your selected Engagement includes Scheduling and Email Marketing, plan to pay those subscription fees separately. From time to time I may also recommend integrations that can automate some of your business processes. This functionality often includes additional software or plugins which are not included in your Engagement. I’ll always consult with you before implementing such integrations so you are fully aware of the ongoing fees and have an opportunity to make the final decision.

Licenses: I typically work with open license stock imagery and fonts for clients who don’t bring their own, but occasionally a client will find a font or image that they just have to have. If that’s you, purchasing a license for the image or font is your responsibility. Once you have the files, send them my way and we’ll get them updated on your site.

*affiliate links

Most of your hard work happens between our Engagement Initiation Call and our start date. During this time, you’ll need to share your existing photos, copy you’ve written, logos, fonts, etc. (Don’t worry, I’ll get you a comprehensive list!) You’ll also grant me access to your hosting plan and other systems as needed.

Once the Engagement begins, we’ll conduct several review meetings to make sure you have an opportunity to review and approve at these milestones (if applicable to your selected Engagement) - Copy Review, Branding Review, Site Design Review, Functionality Review, Pre-Launch Review.

WordPress is my go-to platform because of its flexibility in design and functionality. It can be intimidating for beginners, but with good training (which I’ll provide!) it is easy to learn. That said, if you have your heart set on something else, I have experience building in several of today’s popular platforms. Let’s talk and I’ll recommend the best platform for your business.

When I transfer your website to you, I also transfer all intellectual property rights. You own everything!

Absolutely! At the close of your Engagement, we’ll discuss your options for selecting a Website Care Subscription Plan to ensure no disruption of support.

Of course! We all know your website is much more than just an online business card. I can help you design a whole suite of integrated technology solutions to get your business running smoothly. Let’s talk about your needs, and I’ll create custom technology options just for you.

Have a question I didn’t answer here?  Email me at [email protected]

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