Half-Day Exclusive

Half-Day Exclusive

Reserve your date

Use the button below to select an available date, complete the form, accept the terms and conditions, and pay your invoice.

Complete Prep Work

Upon booking you’ll receive an email with instructions on all the prep work you’ll need to complete in order for me to accomplish your goals during the exclusive.

Kick-off Call

We’ll meet for a 45-minute kick-off call to ensure we’re on the same page and our Exclusive is as efficient as possible. Ideally, this call happens after all prep work is completed and at least three days before the exclusive.

day of exclusive

During the Exclusive, we’ll communicate via Facebook Messenger or Slack, whichever you prefer. You’ll need to be available to respond to any questions or give feedback immediately. Your project will receive my undivided attention during our time together.

30 days of post-exclusive email or messaging support

¬†For 30 days following the Exclusive, you can email or message me with any questions about the work I completed for you and I’ll respond by the next business day (Monday – Friday).

What can be accomplished in a half-day exclusive?

Don’t see what you need listed here? Just email me at [email protected] and ask!

Price: $1,000

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